im-per-vi-ous (adj.) – not capable of being affected or disturbed.

I will be impervious to potentially discouraging people and criticism…?


Bring on the critiques, tips, comments, or thoughts!  At this point, feedback can only make me stronger and help in building my confidence.  I’m sure you’re wondering how negative feedback would give me confidence.  Well, if I’m going to attempt to become a “real photographer”, then I figure I must learn to take the good with the bad.

pho-tog (n.) <photographer> – one who practices photography; especially one who makes a business of taking photographs.

Well… hmm.  I do practice photography.  But making a business of taking photographs?  That equates to earning money by taking photographs.

Wow,  I definitely don’t do that.

Which is why I only brand myself a miserly “photog”, I am just not deserving of the all-powerful “PHOTOGRAPHER” label…YET!

So there you have it.  You now know a bit about me and if you wish to know more please check out my updates and feel free to comment.

I hope to hear from you and thank you for stopping by!



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