Sane to insane, in a matter of seconds.

Posted on January 5, 2011


I truly feel that my computer is against me and my effort to “post a day”.

I do need a new battery, it’s been coming down to it, but for two days now the damn thing would not even turn on…

As soon as I go to SHOW someone what it’s doing, what does it do?  TAKE A GUESS.

Well, of course, it turns on like it hasn’t been on strike for 48 hours.

So I feel like an idiot.

BUT just to prove to the person that I wasn’t insane, I pull out my phone because I have videod on and off throughout these last 2 days what my computer has done to me…  of course…this paranoid reaction certainly does not bring a reassuring sense to anyone, in fact,  in the end I do believe I lost all chance of appearing  sane at all…

So now I’m insane, paranoid, extremely behind on my posting AND I’m scared to turn my computer off for fear that it will not turn back on.  Wow.

This is what technology has done to us.  Turns completely sane people to the dark side.

(oh, and here’s a picture just to keep with the picture per post thing that I’m trying to keep up. )

This photograph looks completely unnatural, and that’s what I like about it.